To build a portfolio of successful business and investments will provide;

  • A steady and growing income for shareholders.
  • Support the economy through invest in new projects.
  • Provide high quality products.
  • Provide extreme customer service.

To achieve sustainable growth through diversification and strategic partnership , to maximize shareholder value and minimize the risk.


  • Company name ; Virginia Tobacco Ltd. for General Trading. Established in city of Erbil in 24th May 2016 .
  • Head quarter located in Ster Building , Gulan Street , 13th floor, Erbil, Kurdistan region – Iraq.
  • Planning to open branches in city of Dohuk , and city of Sulymaniah
  • Company activities , company portfolio in different sectors;
    • Retail business
    • General Trading
    • Industrial
    • Services
    • Agriculture
    • Real State